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Meet Jesse Stocker  


by Martin Hackworth

Photo: Jimmy Stocker 
Jesse Stocker

     This, friends, is Jesse Stocker. Son of Jimmy Stocker. Right now Jesse is growing up down two things that every kid should have: a dad and a motorcycle. There's not much that we can do about the recent passing of his father in the Mexican 1000, but the other part of all this I think that we ought to be able to cure. I sat down and talked with Jesse for about an hour last Saturday after the service for his dad (which he attended in MX attire - including boots) and he wants to ride. He's worried about his mom being able to afford a bike. I say that we should fix that.  Jimmy may not be working out in the garage anymore but we can sure put a bike there for his son. 

     We've started a fund to purchase a bike for Jesse. It is a savings account at Westmark Credit Union. It is a separate account under my name (Martin Hackworth). The name of the account is the Jesse Stocker Fund and the account number is 2408431-02. You can use your electronic bill pay or bank funds transfer or just send a check to Westmark Credit Union, 333 West Alameda Road, P.O. Box 2366, Pocatello, ID 83206-2366 (208-233-0725). You may also use PAYPAL by just hitting the button on our homepage and letting me know that it's for Jesse instead of a donation to MoJazz. Whatever way you donate, please PM me to let me know that you did so that I can verify that it went to the right place. Be sure to specify Jesse Stocker Fund on any transfers. 

     There is already a fair pile of money in the account. I'm working with a couple of local shops (Pocatello Power Sports and Let's Ride) to get him hooked up with a bike and all the trimmings. KLIM has also offered to chip in with some really cool riding gear. If all goes well, we will be able to deliver to Jesse, by the end of the month, a big-wheel 150R - a smaller version of his dad's favorite bike and some really choice swag. Though I'm sure that it doesn't make up for not having dad around anymore, Jesse will have the coolest bike of anyone that he knows. I will post a summary on our facebook page every few days to let everyone know how the money's coming. Thanks all. 

The Kid Gets His Bike

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