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The MotorcycleJazz crew:

Editor/Publisher/Webmaster: Martin Hackworth
Contributors: Steven Verschoor, Daniel Colvin, John Fisher, Alfonse Palaima, Jacob Kopplow, DeLacey Melehes, J.R. Hackworth,
Dustin McNulty,
Copy Editor: Megan Broyles
Cannon Fodder: Dan Dale, Matt Murphy, Tony Forest
Advice: Ducati Hottie
Oats and Hay: Turbo

Chief Joseph Pass


Age: 57
Occupation: physicist, motorcyclist, writer, audio engineer, raconteur, anger management instigator.
Other interests: music, running, climbing, skiing, photography.
Bikes: CB5504K, TDM850, CBR1100XX, CBR954RR, FZR400, XR600R, YZ250F, XR650R, CRF450X, Ducati S2R 1000
Motorcycle web sage qualifications: many - none good.
Favorite thing in the world besides motorcycles: my son J.R.


     I am the luckiest person that I know. During the day I am a Senior Lecturer in Physics at Idaho State University in Pocatello, ID. I have a great job, live in a wonderful house in the middle of wild Idaho, and have tremendous friends - far better than I deserve.

     I've written two books and contributed to several others. I've written for magazines including Motorcycle.com, Climbing, and Live Sound. I contribute a weekly opinion column for the Idaho State Journal.

     I was a proud member of Team Hillbilly/No Worries Racing and the Willow Springs Motorcycle Club for several years, acquiring an expert license, three trophies, two black flags, a gen-you-wine jones for the smell of race gas, a permanently clenched sphincter and miles of smiles. Now, thanks to J.R. I have begun racing again in local MXGP events and starting in 2012 I am dipping a toe in the world of desert racing.

Cameras: Canon EOS Digital Rebel, Canon FS10, Canon PowerShot A550, FujiFilm XP10, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W220, GoPro Hero HD, Blackberry 8900, HTC Sensation HD.

Martin Hackworth, Photo by Alfonse Palamia


Age: 15
motorcyclist, cinema critic, audio engineer, advice columnist, lawn care tech, avant-garde artiste, feng shui guru, core values consultant, sensitivity trainer, renaissance goat.
Other interests: oats and alfalfa hay
Bike: Discovery Channel custom chopper
Motorcycle web sage qualifications: general omniscience
Favorite thing in the world besides motorcycles: strangers in the pasture
Current residence: Great alfalfa field in the sky


     Hi - Turbo here.  I dig big bum, tattooed ladies and flashy high chrome, low-tech choppers with expensive paint jobs that handle like wingless 747's - especially if the seat bursts into flame while I'm going down the road. It's way easer to pick up cloven-hoofed honeys if I know that I look bodacious out there.
That's what I'm all about.

     I have a special thing for Christiane Amanpour and am willing to declare jihad on the entire world for a date. If you can help a brother out please email me.


Age: If you have to ask...
Pharmacy student, Mojazz Copy Editor,  Photographer,Transportation Captain.
Other interests: Girly stuff, children's cereal, small dogs
Bike: scooter
Motorcycle web sage qualifications: The only person who can stare Martin down.
Favorite thing in the world besides motorcycles: eBay
Current residence: Pocatello, ID


     When interviewing for her post at MoJazz, Megan jumped in Editor Hackworth's Mustang GT to go to lunch with the crew and got carsick in the first set of fast curves. 
It was clear, at that point, that our normal shtick would be entirely unpersuasive in convincing Megan that we were just the types of guys to hang out with! Since then we've had to develop manners, couth, decorum and an affinity for small dogs to keep her around. The sacrifices we make for our readers.

Steven and Dan

Steven and Dan are up for any adventure on two wheels and are both pretty handy with a camera. 
Steven and Dan

Venus Envy
(a.k.a. Ducati Hottie)

Age: None of your durn business.
Occupation: g
uest services relations director, general mayhem instigator, kung fu assassin.
Other interests: my two awesome nephews, Dirty Jack, running, skiing, traveling and making biker boys cry.
Bikes: Ducati Monster 750 Dark
Motorcycle web sage qualifications: If you have to ask you are not MoJazz material.
Favorite thing in the world besides motorcycles: dispensing advice and lots of it. 


In addition to being a hot motorcycle babe, Venus Envy is the leader of an Eastern Idaho women’s M.C. called Venus Envy and the Abrasion Hussies. She and her sister grew up in the wilds of Wyoming with nothing better to do then tear up the country side on sleds and dirtbikes or any other wonky contraption with a motor. The taste of dirt and bugs are in her blood: Grandma Persis was a Motor Maid and the world’s fastest woman on a bike in the 1940's, Grandpa Fat Jack was a rocket engineer, and Great Uncle Tom owned a Triumph dealership until he retired. Together they started the family love of speed, engine whine, and burning rubber that is evident in Venus, her aunts, uncles and cousins, and all the great-grand kids today.

Ducati Hottie
Jacob (a.k.a. The Kid)

Age: young whippersnapper.
Occupation: student
(engineering), motorcyclist, snow machiner, writer, renaissance kid.
Other interests: the usual stuff.
Bikes: Yamaha YZ450F, CR500, 2Moto
Motorcycle web sage qualifications: Could start and ride a bike that editor Martin could not. 


A gen-you-wine product of northeast Idaho. Born and raised with bikes and sleds. I am in the process of learning to eat with utensils.


Age: real young whippersnapper.
Occupation: student
(grade school), motorcycle racer, goat herder, writer, illustrator, photographer, double jump tester.
Other interests: Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Fast and Furious Movies, Mustang cars, BMX
Bikes: Honda Minimoto, Suzuki JR-50, Honda XR70, KTM SX65, Honda XR100
Motorcycle web sage qualifications: Did a double jump that Dad would not (even if I didn't actually mean to). 


JR has the distinction of winning his first PeeWee Race and, less than a year later, his first Junior race! His trophies are way more numerous and much cooler than Dad's. 


Age: Doesn't matter, he's too good with numbers,
Occupation: Nuclear Physicist,
food-critic, good-natured soul.
Other interests: Break dancing, guitar, relationship building, carbon fiber accessories.
Bikes: Yamaha WR450F
Motorcycle web sage qualifications: He's a nuclear physicist and really good with numbers.


He's a nuclear physicist and really good with numbers. 

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