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Depend® for Men Underwear

Go - with confidence.

Photos: Martin Hackworth, Kimberly-Clark



     We can generally handle long, continuous stretches of fast miles - like occasional 30-hour blitzkrieg attempts at the Tour of Idaho - with minimal discomfort. But after 24 or more hours of hot-fueling, endless miles of bumps and rocks charged by a potent combination of intravenous Rockstar, 5-Hour Energy shots and the occasional Diet Mountain Dew, our kidneys are hammered and our bladders have developed a hair trigger. Somewhere around this time the constant urge to go #1 becomes a serious impediment to maintaining the required average speeds. What are you going to do?

     Here at the MoJazz Institute of Advanced Sports Medicine we've put a lot of thought into this profoundly distressing and potentially embarrassing problem. You can't come hauling-ass out of the wilderness to a 24-hour gas pump, even in the rural west, and be caught with one hand on the pump and the other taking care of business right in the parking lot. That just won't do (security cameras are everywhere these days). 

     It's occurred to us in more than one desperate spot how useful it'd be to just quietly and unobtrusively cut loose (without even stopping the bike). But, as it turns out, even we have our standards. 

     Now, courtesy of NASA (who also brought us TANG) comes a solution. Not an expensive hi-tech system that recycles pee-pee into 

drinking water developed for going to the Moon and back, but a simple, low-tech system pioneered by Astronaut Lisa Nowak for a groundbreaking 900-mile suborbital mission in a Honda Pilot to test the effects of pepper spray and a ball-peen hammer on fellow astronauts: Depend® undergarmentsDepend®, as it happens, makes a broad array of convenience products for men and women - and we've researched them all in recent long rides.

     Depend® Guards are slim, unobtrusive, easily disposable and OK for occasional incontinence, but they will not corral a Rockstar and Coffee induced torrent without wetting your expensive off-road pants. Depend® Maximum Protection garments add considerable bulk, but without a whole lot of extra absorbency. We recommend these only if you intend to head straight to the bar at the end of your ride and pass out there. Overall we have found that Depend® for Men Underwear in Colors provides the best solution for your long-range motorcycling needs. Depend® for Men Underwear in Colors are stylish, unobtrusive, easy to stuff in a variety of pockets in an OGIO Flight Vestwon't fall off in the whoops and hold water like the Hoover Dam. Indeed, we rank these right up there with essentials such as desert tanks, fuel bladders, HID lights, big gears, closed-circuit mods, titanium headers, hydration systems, taurine and caffeine for record breaking attempts at T1, T2, etc.

     Stigma? No way! We say good going to Depend®! Not because you need to, because you're fast!

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