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Giant Loop MoJavi 

by Martin Hackworth

Photos: Martin Hackworth

Giant Loop Bags

 Giant Loop Bag

      Giant Loop MoJavi saddlebags are darned near the perfect accoutrement for dirt-bikers looking into lightweight, low-profile, bombproof systems to carry along a bit of extra equipment. The bags ride very well (no movement) on every bike on which we've used them - and once fitted are unobtrusive in use.

     Giant Loop MoJavi saddlebags feature a quick, yet foolproof, on/off system that mounts securely to a variety of bikes in seconds. MoJavi bags are at least as waterproof as a heavy tarp and and appear built to withstand Armageddon. Total volume of the MoJavi system is about 10.5 liters - plenty for tools, tubes, slaps, etc.

     We recently used our brand-spanking new set of MoJavi bags on a three day, 500 mile loop through the Mojave desert strapped into our MoJazz project CRF450X and were delighted with their performance. 
After abusing, er, testing, our MoJavi bags in the Mojave (including miles of whoops, speeds of 70+ in sandy washes, a thorough dunking and two exciting get-offs) we are completely prepared to swear by them. We think that they are worth every bit of the money you'll fork over for a set because they are well thought-out, functional as all get out and very well made - in the U.S.A. no less! Giant Loop MoJavi's are simply everything that they are cracked up to be. We can't imagine wearing a set of these out in normal use.

    Our ony nits are that the zippers are sometimes very stiff to operate and we can't, for the life of us, figure out why the straps are all about three times the length that they need to be. Hubris?

     So, what's not to like? We are sufficiently smitten that our MoJavi bags have become an integral part of our extremely spartan Tour of Idaho kit. Those of you familiar with the Tour will know the extraordinary manner in which we vet equipment for this event. A bit of experimentation has shown that we can get everything that we need for 7 days and 1400 bike-busting miles into our MoJavi saddlebags, an OGIO Flight Vest, and a KLIM fanny pack. Bring it on!
Giant Loop Bags
This is a famous spot in the Mojave that we visited with our Mojavi bags. Do you know where?
Giant Loop Bags
More of our MoJavi bags in the Mojave. Where were we when this photo was taken?
Giant Loop Mojavi Saddlebags

MSRP: $219.00 

The Good: Simple, functional and essentially bulletproof.
The Rad: Full tool pouch provides a better backrest than most HD cruisers.
The Gnarly: Takes two men and a boy to open some of the zippers.

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